Mitts With Andrew

1-on-1 Boxing In Red Wing With Coach Andrew

Mitts With Andrew is a 60 minute class of personalized boxing training with one of our premier USA Boxing coaches. The program is meticulously designed for optimal learning and skill enhancement.

The class is capped at four members, ensuring that each member receives a significant amount of individualized attention, allowing for a more tailored approach to their boxing journey. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or an intermediate boxer aiming to refine certain techniques, Coach Andrew’s vast experience and keen eye will be at your service.

The structure of the session consists of 2-minute rounds. These rounds are specifically designed to mimic real boxing matches. During each round, Andrew’s primary focus will be on the finesse of technique rather than just raw power or speed. This emphasis on technique ensures that members build a solid foundation, which is crucial for competitive boxing.

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